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Candle Carving Business

Carved candles are exclusive - you CANNOT find them in every department store, supermarket, craft store, drugstore, and even candle stores, as you can other types of candles. Because carved candles are relatively rare, customers are willing to pay a lot more for them. For example, nine-inch carved candles sell for $25-$45, depending on the pattern, added figurines, or other customization done to the candle. Wedding candle sets sell for upwards of $60. The material cost for a nine-inch candle with a wedding figurine is $5,

Carved candles are exclusive enough that many people make good profits by selling them through websites and Ebay. Others sell them at craft shows, candle parties, shopping malls, gift shops, flower shops, beauty shops, bridal shops, and thru fundraisers at schools, churches, clubs, and other organizations. Some candle carvers make money by giving candle carving lessons.

A candle carving business can be started in your kitchen and grown to any size you desire... there are companies that have multiple candle stores, with carved candles as the main attraction. How far you go with candle carving is directly up to you, your talent, and how much effort you are willing to put in to make your business grow.

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