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Candle Carving Lessons and Training

Candle carving training using the Candlefun carving method is available two ways:

1. Candle carving lessons are available on DVDs. DVD #1 shows how all the tools are used to mold the core candles, and how to dip, carve, and glaze three different candle designs. The other DVDs show how different designs are dipped and/or carved. Usually a DVD will have three different designs on it, but the 'home' page shows specifically which designs are on which DVDs. Using the DVDs most beginners can learn to carve a beautiful candle on the first day... some people learn to do a design with two or three tries, but for other people it takes a few more tries. Each DVD is $30.

2. Personal, one-on-one candle carving lessons are also available in Indianapolis or at your location. With personal candle carving training many beginners carve commercially saleable candles on their first or second try. During personal training you will be closely guided, with continuous feedback on your progress. Suggestionsand recommendations will be offered of how you could improve, and positive approval will be given when desirable technique is achieved. $800 per 8 hour day is charged for personal training. For training at your location a quote will be provided for travel expenses. In 8 hours of personal candle carving training you can expect to learn 4 to 6 candle designs.

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