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6 well melter complete
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4 well melter complete
melter shown with 4-wells

melter with no wells
melter shown with no wells

melter with optional cart
melter shown with optional cart

melters (candle dipping vats)

1. The outer box 3/4 inch plywood insulates the wax melter very well, and will keep your electricity expense low.

2. Inside the outer box is a stainless steel liner - it will last a lifetime.

3. The insulating plywood box makes the Candlefun wax melter very safe for children or pets.

4. The wax melter is only 17" wide, 23" long, and 20" high - making it easy to load into even a small car for moving.

5. Thermostats of the wax melter are covered so that they can not be reached by children or pets. The thermostats are set for a wax temperature of 175F, plus or minus 7F degrees.

6. The dipping wells can easily be removed from the tank by using the removable well handle (included).

7. The dipping wells are 7" in diameter and 17.5" deep - deep enough for dipping 12" candles. The 17.5" depth also allows a piece of wax to be melting at the bottom of the well even while the well is used for dipping.

8. The heating element and thermostat are two separate units, and can be replaced separately. The cost of replacements is $40. Competitors charge $125 for replacement units.

9. The plywood box is unpainted - you can finish it in your favorite color.

10. The dipping tank fits the optional, foldable four-wheel cart perfectly!

11. The thermostat is set to allow a candle carver to dip and carve continuously.

12. A cart is optional.

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