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mold conversion kit

The mold conversion kit contains 1 mold peg, 1 washer, and 1 nylon screw. The mold peg is fastened inside a mold to hold the oil bottles which are used in the Candlefun candle carving system. The molds sold by Candlefun are already converted to hold the oil bottles. The conversion kits are for use by candle carvers who have metal molds and want to start using the Candlefun system. Molds have to be at least 1.75" at the bottom of the mold (top of candle) for the conversion kit to work properly. The hole in the screw allows air to get out of the oil bottle as it is being pushed onto the mold peg. The hole in the screw also allows air to get into the oil bottle when removing finished core candles.

The screws with the hole in them are to be used on molds 9" or shorter. The 12" molds hold a core candle that can sometimes be heavy enough to break the screw... on 12" molds use a screw without the hole.

Check the hole in the screw whenever you use the mold.

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